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7 Affordable Decorating Ideas for A Lovely Patio

Written By: Brad Miller
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Try Vertical Gardening

There is no such rule that you can only use the grounds surface for planting. Why not add a t>

Use Fabric

The right use of fabric can give you privacy, sun protection, and soothing ambiance as well as the right amount of softness and drama. There are many choices of outdoor fabric available today ranging from flowy curtain types and drapery that is more structured.

Soothing Background Sounds

It can take some time before some birds call your garden their home so a small water feature can be a great addition for some soothing nature sounds. The water will also attract small creatures. If a water feature isnt your cup of tea, a wind chime can serve the same purpose and is particularly recommended for urban areas.

Inject Your Personality in Your Dcor

Are you a fan of stripes? Of tribal patterns? Or are you simply in love with pink? Go with what your heart desires. Personalize your outdoor space however you want. The key is to not go overboard and use your personal touch for accent only.

Take Advantage of String Lights

String lights range from whimsy firefly-like ones to bigger ones reminiscent of an outdoor summer fair. Whatever design you choose, adding some to your patio will su>

Switch Table Shapes

Rectangular and other angular table shapes can make your patio look a bit too stuffed. Go for a smaller round table or tables to add interest to your space as well as make your patio appear roomier.

Shop Your Stash

There is no need to head on to stores to shop for new additions to your outdoor space. Use what you already have by shopping your stash. Go over each room and see what unused item you have can have a new life outdoors. An old chair from a set you used to have can make a good accent chair in your patio. An unused candle holder can be the centerpiece of your outdoor table. Be creative

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