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Can Landlords Manage Rental Property From Out of State?

Written By: Harris Johnston
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Why buy out-of-state property?

Each landlord has a different reason for managing property out of state. You might have a piece a property in a popular vacation area, which can be a lucrative opportunity. Some landlords may also be looking to spread their properties around the country, or they might purchase property with the intention to retire there later in life. If you have recently moved to a different state, you may choose to keep your properties instead of selling.

What challenges can you expect while owning out-of-state property?

One of the main challenges of renting out homes and apartments in other states is local laws. You will need to understand landlord-tenant laws, property taxes, building codes, and other municipal regulations. You will likely need to find a lawyer in the area to work with. It may also be challenging to understand the neighborhoods in the city where you own property. Unless you lived there in the past, you will need to do research on the local schools, activities, and businesses in the areas where you are renting out homes.

How can you handle tenant >

Tenant-landlord >

When it comes to finding the right tenants for your units, an online rental application form can be an excellent resource. You can get basic information and interview tenants without needing to be there in person. And if conflict arises, its essential to be accessible by phone and email. Strong communication skills can compensate for a lack of physical presence.

When should you hire a property manager?

One of the best ways to responsibly rent out properties in a different state is to hire a property manager. However, because this is an investment, you should consider some factors. Landlords who do not have the time to devote to managing their own properties or those who own many properties could benefit from property management services. If the cost of property management fits comfortably into your budget, then it can also be worth the investment. A property manager will understand local laws and the local housing market. They can also be a great resource for managing tenant >

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